Spotify is a music streaming application that gives you an open door to millions of sound tracks . The soundless consists of both , the old gems as well as the new peppy numbers waiting to be played at the hit of your fingertips. It’s compatibility with your pc, laptop , tablet, smartphone is an added asset. Also, the ad -free interface lets you stream without any hiccup.

However, we also have a few alternatives to it which also work pretty well and are slowly building up to its levels. Some of them are Google Play Music, Wynk Music and Music Paradise Pro etv. Music Paradise Pro is a search engine for music. This is the best one and many users are using. You can download Music paradise pro on your android devices very easily.

Now let's see the other alternative applications.

1.Google play music:

If you are familiar and comfortable with the Google interface, this should be your best bet. The simple UI helps you understand the functionalities to better proportions than other alternatives.

Also, it comes with a digital locker which can help you to store your personal song library within the app. It actually serves as the icing on the cake as you don’t have to shuffle between your phone library and the app for particular tracks. The sound quality is pretty much same as the spotify which goes up if you subscribe to the premium paid versions in both the apps ime. Spotify and Google play music. Any fan of the Google products will surely love this one.

2. Wynk music:

It’s an app developed by the cellular company Airtel. Initially, it was meant for airtel users only but now others can also download it from the Google play store.

The sound quality is impeccable, has millions of tracks in its library which are updated regularly with playlists from all over the world. You can even download the tracks whenever you get access to Internet and listen to them later in the offline mode.

Its save data mode is a blessing for the ones who want to save data while listening to the music on the go , off the Internet. Ad-free interface, options of customised as well as pre-programmed playlists , add to the experience. It also possesses the device music synchronisation and an in-app radio too!


Here comes the app for all those people who want pre -selected music streaming.

For an app that is backed by top musicians across the world including Jay-Z , it holds its ground pretty well to the expectations. The greatest feature being that it gives you an ability to watch music videos too! Tidal offers the most high quality music for its recipients.

The only drawback for this app is its expensive subscription.

4. Gaan:

In INDIA, spotify and tidal are not available. Therefore, the apps like Wynk music , Saavn, Gaana provide a great alternative to get the best music quality and quantity. They come with a comprehensive built in radio and offline download modes. Gaana also lets you watch some music videos along with lyrics which serves as a great feature .

Millions of songs in english and hindi help you in finding , developing your own favorites and making your own customised playlists!

The user interface is also very lively and simple.